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It gives you the simplicity of doodling whatever you want, with power user tools like unlimited layers, transform tools, automatic ruler, grids, and more. Both flagged and archived notes appear in separate sections for easy perusal.

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GoodNotes 5 takes care of these annoyances. The majority of my textbooks today are delivered in the form of a gigantic PDF, easily annotated within any app on the iPad and easily searched through with a swift keystroke.

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Not only is Drafts a note taking app on its own, but it's also an extension that plays nicely with some of the other big players like OneNote and Evernote.

Organization mostly involves tags, though it's also possible to flag and archive notes. Essential are the standard blank, dotted, squared, ruled narrow, and ruled wide paper types.

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I have not yet felt the need to try any other note taking app because Penultimate satisfies most of my needs. I have my app organized so that each class gets its own 'noteboook' but when I open the notebook I don't get organize the 'sub notebooks' in my own order, the app automatically organizes them in order of most recently opened.

Apple Notes can capture rich text and mixed media notes from practically any corner of the iOS operating system. Using Procreate, Pencil, and the Smart Keyboard, it is the most seamless creating tool i have ever used.

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Photo: thesweetsetup. For those who are creating notes they want to share with others, OneNote is a tremendous app. You can insert images directly from your camera or Photos app, but you can't record audio or create handwritten notes. Dropbox Paper allows you to invite other people to collaborate on notes with you: Tap your user icon at the top of a note, and type in email addresses to add users to a note. In fact, it's more than a note taking app—it's an entire ecosystem of apps and integrations that's been built upon and added to since it first debuted in For those who need those specific features or simply prefer its interface, Notability is an excellent competitor to GoodNotes and offers many of the same features in an entirely different package. Vladimir Nabokov, for a bit of trivia, even wrote the entirety of some of his novels on index cards, as they allowed him to easily rearrange paragraphs as needed. Photo: timefinder. For the creative note-takers, photos and gifs can be added to each document, as well as web clips, stickies, and custom shapes or figures. The grid tool gives you backgrounds for note-taking, drawing, and user interface design. And, as mentioned above, the ability to import a PDF as a custom paper type is a powerful feature that really extends the usefulness of the app as far as your imagination and resourcefulness can carry you.

For that, you should take a look at apps like Affinity Designer see below.

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The 10 Best Apps for the Apple Pencil