Writing address commas

By the end of this section, you will be able to: Identify the uses of commas.

commas in addresses in sentences

Charlie, have you ever considered a pet tortoise? Without spoiling the surprise, we need to tell her to save the date.

how to write an address

With a Direct Address When directly addressing a person by name, add a comma after the name. It's not necessary to use a comma before the zip code.

how to write an address with an apartment number example

This means you love your dogs, and you named them after a couple of pop stars. Her best friend, Heather, is planning a surprise party for her birthday.

Commas in dates

This comma lets the reader know where the introductory word or phrase ends and the main sentence begins. The letter is postmarked May 4, This rule can be confusing because introductory elements are often hard to identify. When only an introductory word appears in the sentence, a comma also follows the introductory word. Do use a comma before and for the sake of clarity. Traditional: a comma separates the month from the year and the year from the rest of the sentence. In a sentence, you might interrupt your train of thought with a word or phrase called interrupting words. What was once carved into stone is now sometimes viewed as old-fashioned. He taught me a lot about the writing process. You do not need to add a comma when you write the month and day or when you write the month and the year. Commas in Dates, Addresses, and the Greetings and Closings of Letters You also use commas when you write the date, such as in cover letters and e-mails. A parenthetical element is a phrase that adds extra information to the sentence but could be removed without changing the meaning. The comma comes after the first independent clause and is followed by a conjunction, such as for, and, or but.

Thank you. Examples: I went to the store and bought milk, eggs, bread, and fruit. Ironically, she already had plans for that day.

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Commas in Addresses