Writing a pioneer journals

I'm going to share how I did it. Once students are happy with the feel of their paper or when you can't take the noise anymore have students carefully smooth out their paper as much as they can. Several of us visited them.

writing a pioneer journals

Students brought hats, bonnets, vests, scarves, aprons, and more. He is most know for coming up with the idea of the odometer which helped the pioneers measure the distance traveled. Using the handle pieces, she glued a small part in the front to make a loop.

Diaries of pioneers moving west

I opened a photo of one of my students Once the ovals were cut, the photos were added. The more they work their paper, the more it breaks down the paper fibers and it gets softer and softer. They turned out great and the students love them. Upon arriving in California Margaret and her husband first settled in Sacramento. If this country were ever settled fine farms could be had here. This means they will need to crinkle it up and smooth it out over and over and over and over and over again! Traveled 22 miles. Much of what we know about pioneer life and the trip west we know because of these primary documents. Thank you for visiting Literacy Loves Company! This filter made the photo more brown, which is what I was wanting. Polly kept her thoughts and feelings in her journal as she crossed the plains with a group of her relatives.

I was pretty impressed! Then we traveled on to Thomas Forkā€¦ The thermometer at noon showed eighty degrees. This gave the photo a bit of a grainy look to it. Country nice and streams full of fish.

pioneer diaries
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