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As a result, the dependent variable is self-employment and takes the value of 1 if the individual is self-employed and 0 otherwise. In addition to this, all self-employed respondents have no previous trainings concerning self-employment.

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In addition to this, explaining earning inequality of the self-employed seems to be much hard task than explaining earning inequality of wage-employees.

The study of simoes et al also underlined several arguments supporting two main ideas; I a positive influence of age; and II the existence of a threshold above which the impact of this variable is reversed.

The empirical analysis in this study looks at flows across occupational status. Beside this, age is reported to have a positive relationship with the probability of being self-employed.

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In assessing the determinants of self-employment choice determinants, a binary outcome model of logistic regression have been employed. Labor market experience found to have a negative impact on the likelihood of choosing self-employment.

Do have a formal job previously? The finding of the study shows self-employment increases with experience suggesting the need to learn about good projects to undertake as self-employed. Concerning the impact of age on the probability of being self-employed, the logistic regression indicates probability of becoming self-employed increases with age. The information provided by respondents is the main input of this study. Among the factors that may influence transitions into self- employment, the study focuses specifically on demographic Traits age, gender and family background , Human capital and experience education and experience in past employment and Macroeconomic Context Unemployment Push and Prosperity Pull. The thesis poses three research questions: Does self-employed job satisfaction adapt? In Ethiopia, Hirut used a discrete choice model approach o study the socio-economic determinants of self-employment choice. On the contrary, bosses or employers employ one or more salaried worker. The study of Carresco finds that unemployed workers are more likely to become self-employed, although past unemployment experience is negatively associated with self-employment survival.

On the other hand, determining the choice determinants of self- employment incorporates a discrete choice model of econometric analysis. Rabellotti, M.

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Furthermore, there are advantages, challenges, and risks involved in self-employment. Beside this, Helena argues that, self-employment has a notion of working for oneself rather than someone else. In Ethiopia, supportive policies implemented in and to promote micro-business creation but those programs have not brought the expected results.

The study of Dawson et al also states women are less likely to be self-employed. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 61 3 Second Human capital and experience comprehends education and past employee experience. The first question hypothesises that the initial boost in job satisfaction associated with the transition into self-employment is transitory, dissipating rapidly during the early years of the self-employment venture. Women experience a boost in satisfaction with the nature of the work itself and to, a lesser extent, a boost in satisfaction with pay. This positive relationship between self- employment choices contradicts with the findings of previous literatures such as Hernard and the reason behind due to the direct relationship between the number of dependents and the marital status of an individual. Education: According to Carresco , in addition to experience, education an individual have acquired over the years may improve entrepreneurial earnings as well as the quality of business they have discovered. Third self-employment can be one of job alternatives for individuals who want to avoid mandatory retirement, postponing the age at which they leave the labor market. Concerning human capital and experience, the study found most of self- employed have a low level of education followed by those with no education at all; however, it is important to mention that people with higher levels of education are a small minority Portugal. References Anh. In Brazil, most of the self-employed evade payroll taxes and have low education. Fig 2: Self-employed respondents level of educational attainment by percentage 50 The above chart summarizes the educational attainment level of the self- 45 employed 40 respondents.
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