The influence of diversity factors on

McKinsey research showed that the most gender-diverse companies were 15 percent more likely to have financial returns above the industry medians, while the most ethnically diverse companies were 35 percent more likely to have the better financial returns. Some sociologists have voiced doubts about whether individualized and ethnically diverse societies are capable of ever being integrated.

The influence of diversity factors on

Deconstructing difference: The rhetoric of human resource managers' diversity discourses. But what kinds of diversity are needed to achieve that? Having different knowledge can give yet again different perspective on similar things. An employee who mentors a new employee while maintaining his or her own workload would be exhibiting OCB.

Keywords: Education, Sociology, Political science, Psychology 1.

factors responsible for organisational diversity

JEHN, K. Simons, Kimberly N. Furthermore, the way in which individuals define the homo- geneity they seek in their social networks needs to be clarified: is it based on a common national or regional origin or religious group, or on interests and lifestyles that have nothing to do with the drawing of ethnic boundary lines?

However, if there are ethnic hierarchies, in which immigrants and members of ethnic minorities are trapped at the bottom, this might reduce the willingness of higher- status, long-term residents to engage in such interactions. Searching for common threads: Understanding the multiple effects of diversity in organizational groups.


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Diversity, social interaction and solidarity