The importance of the character of cathy in east of eden by john steinbeck

The reason for his downfall was because he wanted what God had and that was power over the whole world.

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She murders her madam, Faye, after befriending her and getting her to entrust her with the business. According to Steinbeck, "Monsters are variations from the accepted normal to a greater or a less degree" 8.

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At a young age, she learns to mimic emotions she is incapable of feeling and cons people into giving her what she wants. I think the best villains are. But what is a monster? This is the only aspect of the book that i resent. One would be a monster. Like Eve, Cathy is associated with sin, but whereas Eve is deceived into committing sin, Cathy embraces it wholeheartedly and commits evil simply for its own sake.

Edwards in turn beats her to a bloody pulp and leaves her to die. As the investigators scooped the place, they noticed that the bolts stuck out and there were on keys left in the locks.

If Cathy is the whale on any level, Adam is her romanticizing Ahab. He vows to be a better man than his father and feels the rolling valleys of California calling him.

The Bible gives us a reason for Satin;s downfall. I hope i given some of you a new school of thought when it comes to Cathy and her evil nature.

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Cathy/Kate in East of Eden