Sri lankan cosmetic industry

Peer pressure prompted her first visit to a salon, Herath says.

Sri lankan cosmetic industry

Before a party or wedding, she goes to the salon to have her hair styled and her makeup done. Beauty maybe skin deep but when some beauty treatments leave you scarred it can be quite traumatic. Offenders can be imposed fines up to Rs. It spends 13 percent of its income on clothes, shoes and health and personal care products. Pix by Athula Devapriya Dr. She had never visited a salon before she came to work in the zone, but now a monthly salon visit is essential, Herath says. Last year 10 traders were prosecuted for violating the Act. Currently there is no legal basis Have you extended the pharmaceutical business units to Sri Lanka? She is keen to dress like an urban woman rather than presenting herself as someone from a rural background, Savithri says. UMGI is a concern started by my father in , who was in the food business at the time.

National Hospital, Consultant Dermatologist Dr. Jayakody, "There has to be a legal basis for all our actions.

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She also saves money during school holidays, when travel and school expenses are low. As a leading entrepreneur in India, what would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka?

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We are also looking at sourcing of raw and packaging materials locally in Sri Lanka itself. Women say they spend 10 percent or more of their personal or household income on beauty care each month.

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At the start, it was certainly not easy, but over time, the long-term success of a business transaction lies in how you perceive the future. Also in India, back in , Modi Revlon gained competitive advantage by indigenising manufacturing of its products. Full registration of a cosmetic will be valid for a period of 5 years. A successful joint venture is like a marriage and both parties must work towards united goals and objectives in order to meet the final, end result. So we benefit. Defined in the Act, cosmetic refer to any substance or mixture of substances manufactured, sold or represented for use in cleansing, improving or altering the complexion, skin, hair or teeth and includes deodorants and perfumes. Controlled cosmetics are those that have the potential to be absorbed through the skin or mucous membrane or contain substances that maybe harmful or are promoted for use in children and the products not listed under controlled cosmetics are general cosmetics. People have been getting allergies and dying from use of cosmetics in the market, before this lack of regulation, and after this issue the situation has just worsened. With a background in chemical engineering, entrepreneur and industrialist Umesh K Modi, Chairman, President and CEO of Revlon Lanka and UMGI, speaks on a landmark pioneering investment and on managing the diversity of a regional business conglomerate. Many UMGI entities feed off each other. All cosmetics, manufactured, imported, sold and distributed and offered for sale in Sri Lanka should be registered under the provisions of the Act. Thushari bases that assertion on information the collective gathered in He said, beauty parlours were mushrooming and some were even treating medical conditions such as acne. To add insult to injury, there has not been a significant drop in the prices of their purchases since the State's changes in drug regulation either. The country has approximately local cosmetics and beauty care product manufacturers and more than importers of such products.

He said cosmetics that are imported by agents are evaluated by a committee comprising consultant dermatologists, toxichologists, representatives from the Government Analyst's Department and the Sri Lanka Standards Institution.

The primary motivation was to obtain a first-mover advantage and thus establish Revlon's equity in Sri Lanka.

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Last year 10 traders were prosecuted for violating the Act. The early trendsetters of the beauty industry were the young women from rural villages who came to the free trade zones, 13 special areas in the country that gave tax concessions to garment makers and other manufacturers in a bid to increase foreign investment, Kottegoda says. You must think in the long term as to how and when your brand will establish itself and eventually yield a profit. National Hospital, Consultant Dermatologist Dr. This trend is also seen among export processing zone workers. Nadia Fazlulhaq reports A visit to a salon left Indrani Subasinghe's face disfigured and blotchy with ugly burnt red spots-a severe allergic reaction to a beauty product. Just as in India, you will encounter high tariffs to deter imports and encourage local exports. A concerned President of the Cosmetics Manufacturing Association of Sri Lanka told us that "the consumers have to be informed of the situation - when they make their choice to purchase cosmetics, they need to be fully aware of the consequences.

Under certain circumstances provisional registration may be granted for a period of one year. The National Medicines Regulatory Act, certified in Marchcalls for the safety, efficacy, quality and affordability of medicines and medical devices.

The country has approximately local cosmetics and beauty care product manufacturers and more than importers of such products. Currently there is no legal basis Subasinghe, an employee of a state institution in Colombo said, "I had to seek treatment at Kalubowila Hospital and it was traumatic as I did not have the courage to face my family, friends or office colleagues".

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