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These services may include but are not limited to instore device tutorials, personalisation of device settings, and processing of Bill payments made instore, by Credit Card, or through an assisted channel such as or Phone Insurance Add-on if you wish to continue to enjoy the enriched features.

Voicemail Calls to voicemail are not charged for if you are in New Zealand or Australia. Coverage Coverage can be affected by a number of factors, including radio interference, atmospheric conditions, geographic factors, network congestion, maintenance, outages on other networks and provider sites, the configuration or limitations of your, or your intended recipient's, device or other operational or technical difficulties which means that you may not receive some or all of the Service in certain areas or at certain times.

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You will need to contact Vodafone to set up this service. Occasionally, you may see these Pricing Plans referred to under their previous name. Roaming terms and conditions apply if you are overseas. If you transfer or re-sign to a Pricing Plan where Phone Insure is not included as part of that Pricing Plan, you will relinquish Phone Insure, as it will not automatically carry over to the new Pricing Plan as a chargeable Add-On.

Change fees If you terminate or change your Pricing Plans before the Pricing Plans term ends, you must pay the applicable fees these could be early termination, re-sign or plan transfer fees. Use of data through sharing, tethering or using your device as a hotspot is prohibited unless the Hotspot add-on has been purchased.

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Standard rates apply for other usage. We will inform you of these charges prior to providing the service. When a Local Number is added to your mobile any landline services associated with that number, like broadband or fax, won't be transferred.

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Vodafone introduce new RED Business Plans to their Ready Business portfolio