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They found they had power because they were able to exercise their will over their own leaders. Domination and obedience thus need to be put into perspective. For Weber, traditional authority is a means by which inequality is created and preserved. Legal or Rational Authority. Foucault: While a charismatic leader or movement might emerge, the dominant tendency was for organizations to become more routinized, rational and bureaucratic. The nature of that control—what we will define as power and authority—is an important feature of society. A large number of people were coerced while for some others Hitler provided an outlet for their aspiration of German domination of Europe and the World. Usage and custom often become the basis of rules, and violation of these may ultimately have some sanctions applied.

Situations of overt conflict and force are also relatively unusual. Weber :36 Domination implies a degree of voluntary submission on the part of the acceptor of power based on genuine acquiescence or due to some vested interest.

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From this theory the origins of power are clearly linked to its creation through labor as a cost of production giving forth the relationship between work and power. Such is the case with monarchies and thus Queen Elizabeth II has authority defined by traditions that have remained for a long time and are held in loyalty by her. The leader may emerge naturally on the basis of age , or is selected on the basis of adherence to traditional principles. Sharpe, Armonk. Additionally Foucault disputes the common perception that people have dominance inclinations over others further disputing the inequity prevalent in relationships. This view is radically contradictory to those views that currently define societal power, including the Marxism theory. For Weber, traditional authority is a means by which inequality is created and preserved. Domination too has been provided a unique dimension of time. First, status may be a means of maintaining the position of a group that does have privilege. Compliance or obedience is not haphazard or associated with a short-term social relationship, but is a sustained relationship of dominance and subordination so that regular patterns of inequality are established.

Such is the power held by different governmental systems of the day whether presidential or parliamentary. Conclusion The former Soviet Union is a classical model of how the three theories of power and domination apply.

Weber outline three major types of legitimate domination: traditional, charismatic, and legal or rational.

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Hire Writer While the wage minimum is the cost production of simple labor power. This however does not limit the relevance of his postulates to understand the development of power in post modern societies. Power in terms of instruments of production was to be centralized in the hands of the state which was also tasked to increase the total productive forces as quickly as possible.

This challenge is generally unlikely to result in dramatic changes in the nature of the system very quickly.

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Weber considers charisma to be a driving and creative force which surges through traditional authority and established rules. The second view of power that has been determined by Foucault rests on his belief of the influence of the inner soul of humans over the body.

These orders are impersonal and extend to the persons only by the virtue of the office they hold.

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Power Versus Domination