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Later she said, "Thank you to the Chinese-American community for letting me tell some of our stories.

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Sometimes I wonder, who am I to sell out my community to those who are eager to consume our suffering and profit from our excellence? Judges Garrard Conley, Paul Reyes, and Aisha Sabatini Sloan called Tea "one of those rare writers whose style is immediately recognizable yet inimitable, whose voice is as singularly irresistible as the punk culture that shaped her.

Candidates must not have had any book published, in any genre, during the entire duration of the award. The filename of the submission must be the title of the submission and it must be a MS Word file or.

Her current research focuses on race, gender, and migration. Writers who have published pamphlets, or whose work has appeared in magazines and journals may enter.

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Each year, PEN America gives out 20 distinct awards to writers and translators in fiction, drama, sports, science writing, and more. The combination made for a lively, sold-out show, which was imbued with the spirit of liberalism and free-speech advocacy PEN represents. Download the cover sheet template here.

Occasionally he gets carried away. All texts submitted must remain unpublished during the entire duration of the award. While it is widely known that beavers dam waterways, often in ways that frustrate human plans, it is rarely acknowledged that these nocturnal rodents can radically transform vast swathes of land, boosting biodiversity, recharging aquifers, purifying water, reducing pollution, and protecting against erosion and wildfires.

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Because if I'm being really honest, sometimes telling my people's stories can feel like a betrayal and not so much a triumph. This true natural history portrays the inequities of settler impact on North America on a broad scale through a particular creature and ecosystem—revealing that we once lived in a much different world, and that we will struggle to reclaim that world without interspecies cooperation.

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