New yorker in tondo full script

And I wouldnt touch you with a foot pole.

new yorker in tondo summary and characters

She is silent a moment, looking across the horizon, her arms cross over her breast. I've changed so much since then, Tony.

new yorker in tondo scene 2

Use your head, Nena. NENA I really must run out to the backyard to say hello to it. TONY I proposed to her just before she left for America… She said to keep our engagement a secret until she came back. TONY That was only a year ago.

New yorker in tondo shortened script

And we're not hungry. NENA I hate him! Tony rises and dusts himself. Bili na kayo.. The girl standing before you is Kikay. Kikay: A month!? M : who's rather engrossed in her own troubles too Who? Tomorrow forget. Kikay: You keep out of this or I'll knock your head off! You're just being a dog in the manger! Why, you and she grew up together!

Kikay: Tony, you got engaged to a girl named Kikay. Nagmula sa alas sinco ng umaga hanggang hatinggabi wala na kayong tinugotg kung hindi iyang demonyong plakang iyan! NENA I hate him!

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Mendoza is heard calling " Francesca, Francesca.

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