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It's your choices that breath meaning and life. Since we can repeat the pattern, they can any size as long as the main image is large enough. Displayed below are 3 ways that the pic could be included in the larger mosaic Instagrammable resolution download is free, but the high resolution downloads are not free.

They are randomized to avoid making a noticeable pattern. Mini Pictures of Pet Dog Creating a Beautiful Poster Pet owners love taking pictures of their dog, cat, etc and making a custom photo mosaic poster of their pet is a fantastic, creative and unique way to display them all.

Photographic mosaic

Great gift idea for an anniversary also. Without artistic supervision, this would be the default crop. He wanted to propose to her. Once you have created something amazing, you can buy an ultra high resolution download to take to a print shop of your choice, or you can order a print directly from us on one of our world's highest quality print media selections. Photo mosaics are creative gift ideas from digital pictures or photographs. This is great because more photos you use, better your mosaic will be. You've found the place! Can I order prints?

On larger mosaics, up to 5, little pictures will be depicted. Giant print. We are consistently working with a wide range of clients, from people like you in need of the perfect gift to Fortune Companies looking to bring together their fans or employees together in a social and interactive way.

Takes twice as long, but worth it. There are 40 million picture grid possibilities for a x cm mosaic alone. It all began in with the concept to create the best possible mosaics. Thank you for your interest in our efforts to bring you the best and most exciting photo mosaics available.

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Mosaic Editorial Services