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It ditched processed chicken in and introduced more convenient-to-eat products. For KFC, we try to find out its competitive advantage where we used four key components which help to identify in what KFC have competitive advantage compare to its competitors.

However, KFC has a good background in employing heavy advertising, as compared to other chicken fast food chains.

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So KFC can include some healthier menu such as vegetable food items. Part of people's perception of the brand is that it resides on the fringes of town and city centres and that it attracts a customer from a lower demographic group. Advertising and PR are probably even more critical.

In order to open some fast food outlets, company must consider some other factors such as rental cost, marketing, utilities and so on. In order to do this an external analysis is appropriate to use.

InKFC has some internal problems and issue regarding of their raw chicken supplier was found doing something horrible when butchering the chicken.

Due to the reason is that when a family goes out, their children will decide what places or restaurants to eat Liu,p.

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KFC partnered with Beyond Meat — which began developing its plant-based meat in and has since introduced beef, pork, and poultry products — to create the offerings. The worst restaurant of the year award goes to Kentucky Fried Chicken. But if they will come here, then KFC will face a tough competition. Page 2 of 15 2. Application about controlling: KFC should follow clan control to achieve its targets. KFC has faced criticism in the past as well for the quality of oils it uses for cooking its food. Products are not easily differentiated. Dominik Nosalik, market analyst at Datamonitor, says: "People who are meat reducers are on the rise. The companies say the nuggets and boneless wings will appeal to both KFC fans and lovers of Beyond Meat. Strengthening awareness KFC clearly draws on its heritage, using Colonel Sanders to market the brand. Also, the laws related to food quality has become quite stringent in different countries and is becoming a major challenge for fast food chains. Additionally, fast food industry is saturated. KFC is not going to overthrow the burger giants yet, as McDonald's and Burger King have far greater market penetration. Application of nutrition in the industry.

Total population in Singapore includes both residents and non- residents. Additionally, Singapore is the least dispassionate country in Asia.

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