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Curtis hates their visits. Christian Payne is Calvin and Miranda's newborn baby boy. And for one,its not even the least bit funny. He is last seen in the Season 6 episode "Drinking Game" where he and Malik were drinking when they were left alone in the house. I laugh every time I watch it! Tanya played by Robin Givens was C. When C. The firehouse and its characters have not appeared on any recent episodes.

She is also known to have sarcastic comments and sly plans to get what she wants. Payne, Jr.

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Deshawn comes from a broken home, and was initially hostile towards the Paynes, as he has had trouble with foster homes in the past. The other option that I have with this show is that the writers and producers of this sitcom really think that this was a sitcom that was going to be the forefront of other successful black oriented family influence shows like "My Wife and Kids","Bernie Mac","The Cosby Show",or "Family Matters" to name a few. He is still a cast member of the show. She started dating C. He and Miranda are expecting a child when she decides they should separate, but they agree to try counselling. She was last seen in the episode "A Grand Payne". In Season 6, he stayed with Calvin and Miranda while Tracie was recovering from an accident. The show revolves around the Payne family.

Calvin likes to think of himself as a player until his marriage to Miranda. In one episode, it was shown she even gets upset when C. She also has become the romantic interest of her boss Rick Fox.

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When Angel was upset she usually began to speak Spanish. Then Calvin shows up at the Payne House to take Miranda to the anniversary dinner, with a dress and a vase of roses.

The Payne home is a one-story building, and 5 rooms are featured throughout the series: Curtis and Ella's bedroom, Malik and Jazmine's shared bedroom, the spare bedroom which was Calvin's until he moved outthe kitchen, and the living room, and the outside patio.

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Kiki hasn't been seen or mentioned since Season 5, except for a brief appearance in one Season-6 episode. She then clears Calvin's bank account for back child support, the latter of which Calvin then gets arrested for. He was much like Malik in personality though slightly more dimwitted.

The filthiness is a HUGE turn off for me.

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He got married to some girl he met at the skating rink and moves away to Arizona at the beginning of Season 5. The only part of the firehouse seen on camera was its day room.

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