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Although sculpture remained his principal medium, he was also a fine draughtsman, and his images of figures sheltering on the platforms of subway stations in London during the bombing raids of World War II remain much loved.

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Moore had at one point hoped that the sculptural forms could be turned. It also runs the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds which organises exhibitions and research activities in international sculpture. As a figurative artist first and then as an abstractionist, Moore created work based upon the relationship the human body shares with the larger natural world.

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Henry Moore - Mother and Child, When Moore's niece asked why his sculptures had such simple titles, he replied, "All art should have a certain mystery and should make demands on the spectator.

It had no feature of recognition; no copying of nature — just a bleak powerful form. The four elements are carved in the round but just one face is visible from the street. He created a series of drawings documenting citizens huddled in masses in the underground during bombing raids.

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Henry Moore's sculptures