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WSDOT believes there is significant unrecorded inventory. These materials are continuously consumed and replaced throughout the year. In addition, a limited number of personnel have experience supporting the current system. I would definitely like to pay my thanks for his constant interest and support for this venture.

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Bibliography Over a longer a period, Drishtee is geared up to become a rural supply chain for last mile deliveries. JIT operations and industrial engineerin measurements. After this the system was tested for the Economic Feasibility discussed below: 2. For example, DSHS can have a life-threatening situation if bypass tubes of a particular lot number, implanted in patients or stored within their hospitals, have been recalled but cannot be found. Feasibility Study 3. This is likely to significantly reduce the cost to WSDOT, and reduce the payback period for the investment. Therefore before any system is developed to fulfill such requests we mus t understand what the originator of the requests wants from the system. Overview The WSDOT in support of its mission has stated a policy objective to c ontinuously improve the efficient and effective delivery of agency programs. To provide full range of reports that will satisfy informational requirements. Sushil Panday,Mr. The annual cost of each product is obtained to determine the best deal for the invoices received for the product. Connecting to database so we use different type of queries, data report. Trend to Buy Direct WSDOT has discovered a growing trend by maintenance groups to bypass the inventory accountability process and directly expense consumable inventory commodities. In reality, they end up spending significant time looking for inventory, reconciling the system, and responding to lapses or overstocks in inventory.

Additionally, system inventory counts do not always accurately reflect the physical inventory. Find out number of 1 days required to complete work.

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We submit JIT plan to Approximately 10, of the total 13, consumable commodities have had no usage this past year. It should also be portable to different computer systems.

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Inventory Management does not make decisions or manage operations, they provide the information to managers who make more accurate and timely decisions to manage their operations. In addition, there is no way to track when the inventory was used, who pulled the inventory, or under which work order a commodity was used. Recommendation Overview Software Requirement Specification 3. Alternative 2 Best of Breed Package To provide training to the personnel responsible for supporting the inventory management system. Recalled items are difficult to recover. Inventory Planning The current systems environment cannot support proactive inventory planning and purchasing. Organizational Change Management Approach Managing 13] Monden, Toyota Production system [institute of productivity in construction.
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Inventory Management