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Person-centred planning PCP provides a way of helping service users plan all aspects of their life now and in the future.

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Members of team share information with each other such as: what an individual likes and admire about themselves, what is important to them, and what support they need to have to provide.

Community Circles Care and Support planning Getting Care and Support Planning right, taking into account both what is important to and important for the person to have a good life, is essential to give people more choice and control in their life and they way they are supported to live it.

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Their preferences should be considered, eg. Personalised, enabling care ensures patients receive medication they will actually take, as well as attend and engage in the right services. Delivering person-centred care involves caring for patients beyond their condition and tailoring your service to suit their individual wants and needs. Treat people with dignity, compassion, and respect. There may be a danger that strategic commissioning focus of the work is the service. To do this, you need to get to know patients as a person and actively involve them in care-related decisions. Person-centred care helps you find suitable ways to help them communicate and maximise their quality of care. Person-centred care is important for healthcare because: Patients are more likely to stick to treatment plans and take their medicine if they feel respected, involved, and in control. Explain the different person-centred thinking skills required to support individuals Unit 7 In caring the most important is good communication and listening, because it let carers to know and understand individuals needs and wishes. All it takes to avoid this is maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the patient and their representatives. It is important to look at what the individual can bring to community, eg. In the UK initiatives such as individual budgets and self-directed supports using models like In Control mean that Person Centred Planning can now be used to directly influence a person's Support Planning , giving them direct control over who delivers their support, and how it is delivered. It could be helpful also when the individual is moving from one setting to another. Some of these have little in common with person-centred planning as originally envisaged.

He needs to remain in hospital for two more weeks before discharge, which means he will rely on others for a significant amount of his daily care.

It motivates patients to adopt positive health behaviours that improve and help them manage their own health.

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Their preferences should be considered, eg. Person-centred care enables you to maintain that dignity by respecting their wishes and treating them with compassion and empathy.

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Doing so helps them to develop their own capabilities and an understanding of how to look after themselves independently.

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