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He compares what he has in common with his older white instructor, including getting a pipe as a Christmas gift and records including "Bessie, bop, or Bach. But we are, that's true!

I have also learned to say,Goodbye, when I mean Good-riddance: to say Glad to meet you, without being glad; and to say Its been nice talking to you, after being bored. Dreaming Black Boy I wish torch throwers of night would burn lights for decent times.

This poem is thus much more optimistic than some of Hughes's other writings on this subject; however, it also is a bit more ambiguous than it initially might appear.

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Sun represents brightness and light, that is how he wants his intelligence to shine. The Harlem Renaissance was an African-American art and cultural movement in the early 20th century.

Stanza three starts with ''feel at home'! The lack of more specific facts makes the speakers experiences more universal, and his claim that he and his teacher are a part of each other simultaneously affirms a common experience with white America while also resisting the impulse to justify his life to that culture and reshape himself in that image.

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He then writes 'they used to laugh with their hearts, and laugh with their eyes', by saying 'used to' shows that it happened in the past and does not happen now and he says that before people would laugh with their hearts and would really laugh out of happiness but now 'they only laugh with their teeth, while their ice-block-cold eyes, search behind my shadow'. MOOD A mood of anxiety permeates the poem. Stanza 3, lines 19 to 20, alludes to Paul Robeson, a black intellectual, who attained success despite difficult circumstances. The narrative centers on a young student whose instructor has asked him to write a page about himself with the caveat that the page ought to be true. The poem has a similar form to a college English essay. The poem concludes with rhyming lines which end with "me" and "free," and the last line: "This is my page for English B. Symbolism My inside eye a sun,-The persona sees James Robeson as a fascinating person who is intelligent and provides hope for the future. He is also conscious of others as he would not want anyone to have to face things he has to.

Clearly he will not accept and so he is hoping for a life in the future where there is justice and equality for all so that he will have no need to oppose. Alliteration Wish plotters in pygamas would pray. This boy is ambitious; he wants to be educated to the highest level possible.

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Dreaming Black Boy