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But there's a secret formula that can help you succeed: Emphasize a positive quality or skill that's needed for the job, and minimize— but be truthful about —the negatives.

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I enjoy situations where I am allowed to work with other people to come up with creative solutions. When thinking about your weaknesses, it's essential to choose attributes that you are proactively working on or demonstrate steps you are taking to turn that weakness into a strength.

Weaknesses I have a tendency to procrastinate.

what are your weaknesses examples

Any strengths you give should be related to the skills expected of the ideal candidate. Questions about strengths and weaknesses can provide an opportunity to show how your skills are a perfect match for the job — or they can be a trap.

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She should, of course, be prepared with an Interview Story for each of her strengths. Choosing Your Best Strengths Analyzing the job description should give you a very good idea of the skills required for the job. Banish your modest internal editor to another room.

When you have a list of 3 or more examples of a strength, think about exactly what happened -- what was the reason you did the action, how did you do it, and what was the benefit of your work.

Not only was it finished on time, but it was received very well by readers of the publication. You will find a list of over potential strengths to help you determine your strength.

Go back to previous performance reviews and analyze the positive feedback. I was laboring over the details and in turn, caused my manager to be stressed when I almost missed the deadline on my deliverables.

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What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?