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The overweening flavour is Type 2, given Washington's support of the Marcos regime and American Mega Corps effectively monopolising Filipino production and consumption, which quite reasonably causes the radicalisation of Jules and Eman.

No doubt as to say that Dekada 70 has a most heart-wrenchingly brilliant storyline. When he came home silently, he engaged in a private talk with his father while a saddened Amanda sat down on the chair. After Evelyn is returned to her family's household by the Bartolome couple with Isagani late one night, he pressures Isagani into a shotgun wedding after hearing of his daughter's stay with the latter.

But it doesn't matter at all. He also included curfew at night to round up people from going outside to be imprisoned, interrogated, and tortured to death. This is a prime example of a patriarchal man.

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Fascists' Bed Time : The notorious Martial Law-era curfew gives the Bartolomes no end of trouble when their boys stay out late at night. Naghilik na siya.

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After discovering copies of rebellious pamphlets lying around the house, she accepts Jules' inclination to become an anti-Government winger.

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