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Chopin uses many images to clarify the relationship between Robert and Edna and to show that Robert is the cause of both her freedom and her destruction Perhaps the most obvious example of this symbolism is in the first spoken sentences of the novel, which, strangely enough, are not uttered by a human, but rather screeched by a parrot The evident powers of the author are employed on a subject that is unworthy of them, and when she writes another book it is to be hoped that she will choose a theme more healthful and sweeter of smell.

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Every idealist abuses his nerves, and every sentimentalist brutally abuses them. This is the kind of an awakening that impresses the reader in Mrs. You cannot arrest that process whatever you do; you should not wish to do so. For such there is much that is very improper in it, not to say positively unseemly. The book shows a searching insight into the motives of the "fool woman" order of being, the woman who learns nothing by experience and has not a large enough circle of vision to see beyond her own immediate desires. Symbolism, the interpretation of Edna's suicide, and awakenings play important roles in the analysis of all critics. And next time I hope that Miss Chopin will devote that flexible iridescent style of hers to a better cause. Robert might have saved her from ignoble temptation by supplying a motive for a robust sin, but he was in Mexico and the thought of him only deepened her discontent. Trusted she will never fail you--distrusted, ignored, left in ignorance of what her new unrest really means she will fall. Mandelet, speaking more as a wise, older man than as a medical authority, seems to understand Edna's predicament. They insist upon making it stand for all the emotional pleasures of life and art; expecting an individual and self-limited passion to yield infinite variety, pleasure, and distraction, to contribute to their lives what the arts and the pleasurable exercise of the intellect gives to less limited and less intense idealists.

It is a community of cottages owned by the Lebrun family. Probably, for emotional people, the most convenient thing about being able to think is that it occasionally gives them a rest from feeling.

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It is nauseating to remember that those who object to the bluntness of our older writers will excuse and justify the gilded dirt of these latter days. But great as is my interest in this book I confess to a still deeper interest in one which you ought to write--which you alone among living novelists could write.

It is to be assumed that a self respecting female has it not.

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19th Century Criticism on Chopin's Awakening