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Computers are extremely useful in the mechanical task of coding and can complete such tasks far more reliably than human coders, but the task of theoretically grounding the content analysis, evaluating whether the coding scheme tests what it claims to test, and deciding whether the coding categories meet the appropriate standards of clarity, explicitness, and validity will remain tasks that only the investigator can competently execute.

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On the other hand, the method is limited to the investigation of text and recorded human communications Babbie, ; Bryman, This research paper emphasizes quantification, although it also discusses some of the trade-offs between quantitative and qualitative forms of content analysis. They may say they voted, because they think they should have, when in fact they stayed home. Introduction Content analysis is, as its name suggests, the analysis of the content of communications. First, you must do the frequency. Board of Education is also major because the results of having segregated public schools include: generates a feeling of inferiority and may affect their hearts and minds in a way unlikely ever to be undone. In comparison, all the most frequent mentioned words in Brown v. Ferguson is one of opposition to segregation. Computer-Assisted Content Analysis Content analysis predates the invention of computers. Transcripts of oral communications, as well as visual communications, could also be subjected to this type of analysis.

His content analysis experience ranges from simple hand-coding to advanced topic modelling and natural language processing. New programs enter the market on a regular basis, and older ones disappear.

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Mike Pfarrer University of Georgia Pfarrer uses content analysis to examine external perceptions of firm actions related to reputation, celebrity, and crisis management.

The former is a detailed and explicit set of instructions to coders. Consequently, it also makes the interpretation towards the concept of citizenship becomes complex.

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Ferguson is major because of the phrases: the seeds of race hate, arouse race hate, distrust between white and colored citizens. Last, Babbie made a useful distinction between the unit of analysis and the unit of observation.

Content Analysis method was used in this study.

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