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He developed the idea of internal, stable and global attributions. Some researchers have suggested that on top of this biological determinism, genes pass on gender stereotypes like an increased ability for math in people biologically assigned male and maternal instincts in people assigned female at birth.

The cognitive approach makes a link between stressful experiences such as the loss of a loved one and depression. However some people have a stressful experience and do not develop depression so cortisol could just be a symptom of depression rather than a cause.

Also known as functionalism, it is a framework for building theory that views society as a complex system whose parts work together to promote stability and solidarity. There are several reasons why disorderly conduct on part of individuals and groups takes place.

There are three main approaches to child development, the scientific, the social constructionist and the applied approach.

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In this atmosphere of grinding poverty, congested dwelling places, unhygienic food sources and constant threat from criminals, such unsavory professions as prostitution are inevitable.

So, disorder is a breach or break in established ways of doing things and is something that gets repaired in the flow of the interactional order. In sufferers of uni-polar depression there have been found very high levels of the hormone cortisol, and so it has been suggested that this hormone could be linked with the onset of depression.

Additionally, I will investigate the multicultural perspectives of each theory.

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