Celta assignment 1 focus on the

References www. B Motivation for Studying English: For professional and communicative reasons.

Celta assignment 1 focus on the

As well as individual and whole class work, this exercise also involves a substantial amount of pair work. On the other hand, we have weak students who struggle with spelling and rarely speak unless they are asked to. You will need general questions to complete the Needs Analysis in Section One, and may want to use a learning styles questionnaire and a diagnostic task for pronunciation such as a short text for reading aloud. In other words, you are supposed to do 5 tasks: 1. Do they have difficulties in predicting what they are going to read? Another reason for choosing this exercise is that it is divided into eight sections which increase in complexity as the student progresses. To what extent might their background, previous learning experiences and learning styles be a factor here? In class, he generally enjoys all activities, but feels that speaking activities in pairs and groups are the most useful as they help him to overcome this hesitation issue. So 'twas better Betty Botter Bought a bit of better butter. As he has mentioned during the 1 Harmer J. When he told me that he is unemployed, I immediately assumed that he is learning English to boost his employment opportunities. He was aware of this hesitation when he sat the speaking part of his recent examination, and he is aware of it when speaking in class. This task might be particularly suitable for Agneska due to the fact that she said she was learning English to further her career and make her more employable, and having a range of comparatives and being able to use them correctly is common practice in any kind of office job.

This was probably inherent to the fact that the vast majority of students wanted to achieve a general increase in their conversational ability in English.

So 'twas better Betty Botter Bought a bit of better butter.

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What kind of pronunciation errors do they make? Use the guide above to formulate questions. Other than class activities, his main opportunity to communicate in English is by writing and reading e-mails in an online community. The following questions are designed to help you focus on the areas above and direct you to include specific examples. Like Student A, he dislikes phrasal verbs. He us currently busy with work and family life, which reduces the amount of time available to learn vocabulary or study grammar. This error is surprising, as I would not expect it to be an issue at upper intermediate level, but it is also an error frequently made by most of his classmates. His reasons for learning English are a combination of extrinsic and intrinsic ones. Spanish and Catalan often use an infinitive where English would use a progressive, and this example of native language interference probably accounts for this. This was a question that many other students tripped up on due to not understanding the context of the past tense.

Section Two: Error Analysis 9. Notice the way they are written and pronounced. He feels he has limited potential, mostly because of his learning disability. If I bake this bitter butter, It will make my batter bitter. She needs practice using comparatives, so I have designed a short task see back page where she must match up phrases that mean the same in English.

This exercise looks at a text already used in a previous activity, therefore the student would already be familiar with the context.

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CELTA Written Assignment 1