Can i get a doctorate without a dissertation

How does an online ABD program work? Remember: the dissertation was a new and radical idea once. While still somewhat rare, there are an increasing number of select universities that offer 1 year online doctoral programs.

A PhD in nursing may be possible without submitting a dissertation Certain other areas of health care including alternative medicine, acupuncture and the like rarely require a dissertation. While it is not easy to find a credible institution that will grant you a PhD without a dissertation, we have some ideas for where to start looking.

Yet, they do exist. Some of the subject areas may not require writing a dissertation. But for a lot of prospective PhD students, the question remains — are PhD programs without dissertation requirements really going to be taken seriously? These are a relatively new invention, and they are spreading across many different disciplines.

All But Dissertation?

online dba programs without dissertation

A PhD in international education.

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Ph.D. without Dissertation