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While Seymour's dreams reveal suppressed fear of his "borderline psychotic" charge and Danny at times appears as a kind of stalker, his anger and mistrust might be seen as rational reactions to a trial he could scarcely follow and incarceration in an adult prison "they should just come right out with it.

He had met a girl, though had broken it off rather than risking her reaction after finding out about his past.

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In fact the characters of Regeneration's wartime psychotherapist W. Needless to say I was very disappointed. Early on, Danny passes on to Tom the prison chaplain's line that coincidence was the crack in human affairs that lets God or the Devil in. Despite frequent attempts, Tom is unable to get Lauren pregnant. Struggling with the body, Tom manages to drag the boy back towards the bank of the river through the thick, repugnant mud. But some events are, simply, random. Afterwards, Tom deserts a frustrated Lauren and drinks whisky, feeling guilty and inadequate; Lauren had not climaxed. They pass the derelict remnants of their decaying neighbourhood, with numerous buildings awaiting demolition or already burnt to the ground, and litter strewn across the path. The two murderers were found to be Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, both ten years old. All that leaves is for Tom's emotional life to resolve itself, though a chance meeting years later scratches the surface of memory, a palimpsest from which the elderly victim's image can never be expunged. Desperate to keep him quiet, Tom and Jeff had begun to throw stones in Neil's direction, and they had splashed around him. I had no problem with getting to the end, and I was interested in the story, but I felt the novel had many flaws: Danny's voice was too sophisticated for his background of a poor childhood and prison; I wasn't sure why Danny wanted to speak to Tom in the first place to 'remember' - when it's not as if the memory has to be coaxed from him, and when he says he doesn't want to see a 'shrink'; why Tom feels he has to visit people who knew Danny in the past to help him in the present; and the length of time he spends at these interviews for example he travels a long way to interview Danny's old prison warden and then spends about three minutes with him before the prison warden says sorry, I've got to get on. He and a friend, Jeff Bridges, had been looking for frog spawn all day, though they had been given the unwanted responsibility of looking after Neil, the four-year-old son of some friends of Jeff's parents.

Throughout the session, Tom had observed Danny deliberately mimicking Tom's actions, possibly an early sign of Danny's attempts at manipulation. As it turns out, this man -- Danny Miller -- is a guy Tom witnessed against thirteen years prior in court in Miller's murder trial.

Not one of Barker's triumphs.

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He denies her his attention in memory, as he did in life. Danny and Tom have a pre-existing professional relationship; Tom evaluated Danny when he was just ten years old, concluding that Danny could be tried as an adult.

Afterwards, Tom deserts a frustrated Lauren and drinks whisky, feeling guilty and inadequate; Lauren had not climaxed. But some events are, simply, random.

Ripley and Barker's own earlier, superior fiction. Rivers and his bisexual patient Billy Prior have clearly influenced those of this novel's protagonist, Tom Seymour, and morally opaque Danny Miller, whom Tom rescues from drowning without recognizing him 13 years after Danny, at age 10, had murdered an elderly woman neighbor —in a striking opening scene dominated by ironic and disturbing images of childbirth.

The book opens in a derelict area of Newcastle's docklands, when Tom Seymour, a child psychologist, plunges into the Tyne to rescue a young man from drowning.

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Was he, in short, capable of standing trial, on a charge of murder, in an adult court? Tom, who is writing a book on the moral sense of juvenile delinquents, agrees to see Danny to help them both come to terms with the past. After playing "piggy in the middle" in the garden for about twenty minutes, they had ignored their parents' warnings and had visited the pond, rumoured to have a flooded well in the centre of it. For Tom already knows the young man as Danny Miller. What's happened to the Is Danny "cured", or is he a walking time bomb? I'm going to give this one two stars, if only because the book didn't bore me. One of them had placed frog spawn in Neil's wellington boots, and Neil had panicked, screaming and crying and slowly backing into the depths of the pond. I think this novel could have been good with an editor who questioned Barker more on her writing decisions. The boy, his face covered in a mud mask, is not breathing, so they perform CPR. Back in April when I was on a female authors kick, I asked several bookworm friends who they recommended, and several said Pat Barker. Reluctantly, Tom is drawn back into Danny's world - a place where the border between good and evil, innocence and guilt is blurred and confused.

Unflinching yet sensitive, this is a dark story expertly told' Daily Mail When Tom Seymour, a child psychologist, plunges into a river to save a young man from drowning, he unwittingly reopens a chapter from his past he'd hoped to forget. We can't wait to thread the black beads on to a single string.

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