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What came to my mind are earlier works of art by those who crossed ethnic lines in their depiction of social trauma. My engagement with this image was through empathy with his mother. I thought about the possibility of painting it only after listening to interviews with her. Facebook Other protesters were likewise insistent on highlighting the connection between historical forms of racism and the present condition of black lives — and of the immediacy that the image of Emmett Till continues to hold. It is this spectacle that brought me to the Whitney. Weinberg reiterated his desire for the museum to be a platform for debate and public discourse. With its move from the Upper East Side to its new building in the Meatpacking District, the Whitney was also vulnerable to charges that it was taking part in a process of gentrification that was pushing long-standing communities of color as well as low-income residents, LGBTQ teens and elders, and immigrants out of the neighborhood. Black artist Hannah Black articulated the claim that the painting is an example of cultural appropriation and a racial micro-aggression in a letter she sent to the curators and staff of the Whitney biennial. It is about breaking conventional wisdom, turning existing thought on its head at whatever costs. The example essays in Kibin's library were written by real students for real classes. What hooks you? It was not, Black later insisted, composed with any sense that it would generate the furor that eventually ensued.

But the importance of the protest still stands. Most recently, the Biennial included only nine black artists out of about participants, and only about a third were women of any race. There is a strange reminiscence of copyright law or intellectual property here, which seems quite inappropriate to me, but there is something even more worrying about the argument.

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To defend herself, she could then only refer back to her emotional involvement with the event, which is, however, unverifiable beyond her claim and could therefore be denied. After a presidential campaign marked by extreme misogyny and overt white supremacist rhetoric leading to the election of Donald Trump, at a time of increasing numbers of anti-immigrant and xenophobic crimes, and in the shadow of the highly publicized police murders of black men and women that fueled the rise of Black Lives Matter and other antiracist activist groups, the stakes were high. Rather, it was tapped out on a phone screen and circulated among friends by text message, with edits done along the way. Leave a comment. As curators of this exhibition we believe in providing a museum platform for artists to explore these critical issues. Ongoing debates on the appropriation of Black culture by non-Black artists have highlighted the relation of these appropriations to the systematic oppression of Black communities in the US and worldwide, and, in a wider historical view, to the capitalist appropriation of the lives and bodies of Black people with which our present era began. Are these essay examples edited? If accepted, its consequences would be devastating. For many onlookers, what was at stake was not simply Open Casket, but its entire framing. They may also have contributed to the disturbing effect the work had on Bright, Black and others. But it was the appearance of an open letter on March 21 that kicked the protests —and the backlash to them — into high gear. My engagement with this image was through empathy with his mother. Till, disfigured from the beating he received at the hands of two white men in , lay open and uncovered at an open-casket funeral.

Although it is possible that this inclusion means no more than that blackness is hot right now, driven into non-Black consciousness by prominent Black uprisings and struggles across the US and elsewhere, I choose to assume as much capacity for insight and sincerity in the biennial curators as I do in myself.

You know how looking at a math problem similar to the one you're stuck on can help you get unstuck? Still, memory deviants insist upon their visions, however uncomfortable they might make the rest of us, and their power to dislodge fixed ideas about society. Brown paint takes the place of blood, bruised tissue and broken bones.

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Did you find something inaccurate, misleading, abusive, or otherwise problematic in this essay example? A photograph of Mr.

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This reproduces a kind of thinking which has to be overcome for deep change to take place.

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Another Look Into Dana Schutz’s “Open Casket”