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How to prevent teenage pregnancy

The parents can strongly influence their children's decisions by taking the time to be involved when the issue of sex arises. The organization has reached more than 3 million young people through its online National Day Quiz, playing an important role in the 44 percent decline in teen pregnancy and 52 percent decline in teen birth rates since the early s. Jocelyn Elders has also advocated school-based health clinics nationwide with the purpose of reducing teen pregnancy with the availability of contraceptives Khouzam 3. Keywords No related keywords in the metadata. Current Controversies. Research the different birth control methods and assess which one is right for you. Well, now both my teenage kids know. This correlates with Myeza, 14 who found that participants agreed that the proper use of contraceptives serves as the next best prevention measure crucial in TP. Unplanned pregnancy among young adults accounts for many high school and college dropouts, which goes on to affect the lifestyle and well-being of both parent and child later in life. Many followers of the Roman Catholic Church have adopted this principle. Design of experiment application [homepage on the Internet]. Khouzam says, "Sexual abstinence is not associated with public health risks and needs to be presented and promoted as the most effective primary prevention for unplanned pregnancies" 2. In order to prevent teenage pregnancy, teenagers need to have a comprehensive understanding of abstinence, contraceptive techniques, and consequences. There are a lot of myths about pregnancy and birth control floating around out there.

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Conclusion The findings of the study indicate a beneficial role that the SE programme has played in alerting teenagers of the preventive measures for TP since its implementation in Author myHealth.

Another form of teenage pregnancy prevention that is being taught in schools is various contraceptive techniques.

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What Can We Do to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy?