Analysis of the memory keepers daughter

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Seven years later, Norah wins a vacation through the travel agency for which she works. Only when she was sure of his love and the kind of man he was was she ready to say yes to his proposal.

Analysis of the memory keepers daughter

However, that does not work in her favor. For Norah this was a journey that took her outside the comfort zone. However, Caroline also knew how rewarding a life filled with love could be. There were no doctors who screened new mothers for signs of depression caused by the chemical changes that occur in the brain after birth, and there were no support groups that could have provided an outlet for a grieving mother to move through her emotions in a healthy way. He loans his office to those who work for this cause. The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards is a poignant story of marriage, parenthood and a secret that entwines itself throughout the emotional lives of a family and, eventually, tears it apart. I had a wonderful day with that group; they made a deep impression on me. Who do you think is the most tragic character in the novel?

David Henry lives in his own world of guilt not knowing if his decision was right or wrong and how can he ever tell his family what he has done. He enjoys a successful private practice and is married to a beautiful woman with whom he is very much in love, and who is expecting their first child. She slips away into the snowy night sure that Dr.

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Kubisz, Carolyn. Their gynecologist is unable to reach them so David, N orthopedic surgeon delivers his wife with the help of his nurse,Caroline Gill,31,who is secretly in love with him.

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Norah becomes a successful travel agent, Paul finds his talent as a musician.

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