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Elam, Pacific's chairman, said that while he had received a telephone call from Mr. He also instituted the concept of "sustainable yield," which directed planners to never cut more than the company's forests could replace by new growth in any year.

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Kaiser has since emerged from bankruptcy, is no longer affiliated with Hurwitz, and continues to run the Trentwood rolling mill in Spokane Valley. It also owns an office building and farmland in California. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems.

In response to his death, a Pacific Lumber Co. The Murphy family the largest minority stock holders at the time and countless previous stockholders, mostly company employees, were relieved of their stock as a result of a hostile takeover by Charles Hurwitz and his Maxxam, Inc.

Campbella man who had been one of his executive vice presidents. The railway became part of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad on 8 January Maxxam Group Inc.

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In that agreement, strict rules were put into place requiring the company to manage its holdings under more-restrictive practices. By that time, Simon J. By late in The Pacific Lumber Company ceased to exist. In November, Maxxam said it bailed out Pacific Lumber, loaning the company an undisclosed amount of cash, so it could cure a default under its credit agreement.

This meant that the company would limit cutting to a maximum of 70 percent of the mature trees in a stand, leaving the younger, most vigorous trees to hold the soil and seed a new generation of forest.

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Calisphere: The Pacific Lumber Company, Scotia, Cal. "The world's largest redwood saw mill." # S