An overview of the gonzalos world of utopia and a question is utopia possible

They are worlds at peace. Although the Utopians were fundamentally heathen, they still subscribed to a moral code that insisted they live a virtuous life.

The requisites for the chief are a familiarity with the history of all kingdoms and their governments, a thorough knowledge of all sciences, and a mastery of metaphysics and theology. The governments are made up of carefully selected elders of demonstrated character and competence.

Even Plato, writing over two thousand years ago, expresses the belief that women should be afforded much of the same opportunities as men.

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Anti-Utopias A body of writings commonly associated with the utopian tradition even though the works seem to be in direct contradiction are variously referred to as anti-utopian or distopian.

Ultimately, More's overarching concern is "that no man sit idle: but that every one [apply] his own craft with earnest diligence.

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There is not a specific practical plan for the government of his imaginary ideal state but rather a distinction drawn on philosophical lines between two guiding principles. For that reason he was unwilling to adopt certain features that were traditional among the majority of earlier utopists.

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It can be obviously understood that Prospero does not have order on his island because he is too busy with his magical conspiracies against everyone else. It is important to realize, however, that in some instances, this idea of peace does not prevent the eventuality of war and discord.

The section of the book dealing with the outlawing of machinery has attracted special attention from students of utopian literature because of its possible bearing on the attitude of certain philosophers who viewed the industrial revolution with alarm and warned of the menace of the machine age.

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Hidden Utopianism in The Tempest