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In an attempt to make them talk, Sirica gave Hunt and two burglars provisional sentences of up to 40 years. After 40 years it continues to resonate in modern day politics and acts as a warning to anyone in public life of the dangers of being too driven by power to not notice the moral, ethical and legal implications of what you are doing.

In Nixon was reelected in a landslide victory.

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The Saturday Night Massacre When Cox refused to stop demanding the tapes, Nixon ordered that he be fired, leading several Justice Department officials to resign in protest. This scandal occurred when five men were caught trying to wiretap the Democratic Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel in Washington D. It was a scandal that later set precedent on the limitation of presidential powers. McCord, Jr. On that same day, U. It included various activities to help President Richard Nixon win re- election in Nixon created a new conspiracy—to effect a cover-up of the cover-up—which began in late March and became fully formed in May and June , operating until his presidency ended on August 9, Gordon Liddy, John Mitchell, Judge John Sirica, Senator Sam Ervin, Archibald Cox, and the ghostly "Deep Throat" reappear here—in a volume designed especially for a new generation of readers who know of Watergate only by name and for teachers looking for a straightforward summary for the classroom. Dean wanted to protect the president and have his four closest men take the fall for telling the truth. Nixon completed his first term as President in and was re-elected for the position for the next four years. He also disavowed any knowledge whatsoever of the five burglars. As America approaches the thirtieth anniversary of the infamous Watergate hearings and the overreach of presidential power is again at issue, Olson's book offers a quick course on the scandal itself, a sobering reminder of the dangers of presidential arrogance, and a tribute to the ultimate triumph of government by the people. It led to the resignation of the president, Richard M. He strongly detested leaks from his administration as he felt that an exposure of his actions to the general public would hurt him.

This was an interesting time in history because it was a large cover up by the Republican Party. Gordon Liddy and E.

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The donor's checks demonstrated the burglars' direct link to the finance committee of the CRP. Many of the participants in the scandal were attorneys and almost 30 of them faced some type of legal proceeding. But here are five significant trends that came out of a story that developed over two years and captivated the nation.

They are commonplace today in all forms of media. Impeachment proceedings against Nixon had already been dropped following his resignation.

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The works later published by Bernstein and Woodward unmasked the man behind the bugging plot, Richard Nixon, President of the United States. In the eyes of most Americans, trust, honor and integrity, vanished from the political landscape. On October 10, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein reported that the FBI had determined that the Watergate break-in was part of a massive campaign of political spying and sabotage on behalf of the Nixon re-election committee. It was a time when the president was viewed as a tyrannical power. The break in and the events that took place afterwards led to the resignation of Richard Milhous Nixon on August 8, On June 17, , The Washington Post published a small story. The article stated that the officials under the Watergate scandal were cheating, lying and engaging in illegal activities while in high positions of the government. This was a more serious crime than the break-in: It was an abuse of presidential power and a deliberate obstruction of justice. However, once Sloan had endorsed a check made payable to the Committee, he had a legal and fiduciary responsibility to see that the check was deposited only into the accounts named on the check. The Watergate crisis is the most infamous scandal that occurred within those years, and arguably, in American political history. At the same time, some of the conspirators began to crack under the pressure of the cover-up. Concerns surfaced during the Watergate hearings about the FBI investigating American citizens and others for political purposes. These events, which took place on October 20, , are known as the Saturday Night Massacre. Nixon created a new conspiracy—to effect a cover-up of the cover-up—which began in late March and became fully formed in May and June , operating until his presidency ended on August 9, Later Nixon famously went in front of the media and the world at a press conference from Disney World in Florida to declare that he is not a crook: YouTube: maxpowers

A truly wonderful read. Role of the media[ edit ] The connection between the break-in and the re-election committee was highlighted by media coverage—in particular, investigative coverage by The Washington PostTimeand The New York Times.

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The Watergate Scandal