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As with the Lok Sabha, upper house seats are allocated to states in proportion to their population, with the constitution setting a maximum ceiling of seats. In addition, the Desired Fertility Rate is 1. The writer is director and creative strategist of an advertising and consulting agency. In Japan, the population is expected to shrink 16 per cent by compared to The ultimate outcome of this persistent deferral is severely unequal representation. A third solution is reforming the composition of the Rajya Sabha. In a recent report, SBI has warned that India has now only a limited window of just 10 years to get into the developed country tag, or stay perpetually in emerging group of economies. Table 2.

Figure 2. The constitution also regulates the total number of seats in the Lok Sabha. To reflect Census figures, states subject to proportional representation would need to have a combined seats compared to nowfor a total Lok Sabha size of Because the state of Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated into Andhra Pradesh and Telangana inthe analysis aggregates these states.

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Notes: Sample restricted to countries Freedom House defines as free or partly free. Possible solutions Barring another constitution amendment, parliamentary seats will not be reallocated until after the Census.

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The lack of focus on this shift implies that we are completely unprepared to meet the situation with little emphasis on improving our elderly care structure, health structure or building a social support system to address this shift. So far, we have seen that all the family planning regulations are for common man but nothing has been drafted for the politicians or law-makers," said Ajoy Khandheria, Founder, Gramin Healthcare, a primary healthcare provider in rural areas. After the publication of the Census, the Government of India produced population projections from to Based on our population projections, these trends will only intensify as time goes on. Because the state of Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated into Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in , the analysis aggregates these states. In this piece, Vaishnav and Hintson explore this issue, and put forth potential solutions. Hidden crisis of an ageing population Friday, 19 July Kewal Kapoor Challenges of an ageing population are now real. Note: The number of seats each state merits is calculated using the Webster method, which is described in the text. Institutional preparedness is needed to address these issues if we want our young citizens of today to lead dignified and comfortable lives tomorrow. Figure 5. Article 81 requires that each state receive seats in proportion to its population and allocate those seats to constituencies of roughly equal size. The first strategy is simply committing to a reallocation after and resisting the urge to kick the can down the road once more. The landmark Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Bill, , sought to make it a legal obligation for children and heirs to provide maintenance to senior citizens. Indian states have grown at drastically different rates over the past 40 years, a product of disparate — albeit slowly converging — fertility rates see Figure 1. The private members bill introduced by the Member of Parliament Rakesh Sinha proposed disqualification from being an elected representative, denial of financial benefits and reduction in benefits under the Public Distribution System PDS for people having more than two children.

Revising both of these numbers to match Census figures would not have a large effect on the total number of reserved seats: there would be one more ST-reserved and two more SC-reserved seats. This is because the number of citizens in a constituency does not perfectly correlate with the number of registered or actual voters in that constituency.

Partially as a result of demographic differences, there are vast differences in the percentage of residents registered to vote in the two states In terms of preventive healthcare, we as a society are not even focussing on measures to start educating the people to prepare for older age by adopting healthy lifestyles and good dietary habits that will keep them healthier and fitter for a longer period of time.

Expanding the size of the house may also be more politically feasible than reapportioning the current number of seats.

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Can proposed `Population Regulation Bill, ’ solve India’s population growth crisis?