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A few dissenters have argued that the Dering MS. Many readers interpret the history as a tale of Prince Hal growing up, evolving into King Henry V , [17] perhaps the most heroic of all of Shakespeare's characters, in what is a tale of the prodigal son adapted to the politics of medieval England. Falstaff, having feigned death to avoid injury, claims he was Hotspur's vanquisher. It's a way to reveal the character's thoughts to the audience. Although the Percys have gathered a formidable group of allies around them—leaders of large rebel armies from Scotland and Wales as well as powerful English nobles and clergymen who have grievances against King Henry—the alliance has begun to falter. He outnumbers the rebels, [4] but Hotspur, with the wild hope of despair, leads his troops into battle. The crown was really shiny and cool so there's no way Henry could resist, especially since Richard was such a lousy ruler. The king's men have won the battle but the war's so not over — they've still got to mop the floor with Northumberland, Glendower, and Mortimer the traitor. Seeing he is alone, he stabs Hotspur's corpse in the thigh and claims credit for the kill. The play begins with news that one of his commanders, Mortimer , has lost a battle to Glyndwr in Wales. Hotspur and the rest of the Percy gang Northumberland and Worcester are seriously bent out of shape over this. While the two young men are fighting, Falstaff arrives and encourages Hal to victory.

We're not kidding. When we catch up with King Henry in Henry IV Part 1, the guy's got some serious guilt and a ton of blood on his hands.

Still, he's the king and that means he's the boss, applesauce, so the Percys better get in line, or else. Thus Hotspur feels trapped into fighting. Finally, there is the blatant disclaimer at the close of Henry IV, Part 2 that discriminates between the two figures: "for Oldcastle died [a] martyr, and this is not the man" Epilogue, 29— Oldcastle controversy[ edit ] The title page from the first quarto edition of the play, printed in Falstaff has enlisted these soldiers by taking bribes rather than enrolling more able men.

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Henry IV, Part 1 caused controversy on its first performances inbecause the comic character now known as " Falstaff " was originally named "Oldcastle" and was based on John Oldcastlea famous proto-Protestant martyr with powerful living descendants in England.

The crown was really shiny and cool so there's no way Henry could resist, especially since Richard was such a lousy ruler. Hotspur is advised by his ally, the Archbishop of York, not to fight. But don't go imagining him in an orange jump-suit just yet, because the story's not over. Yet a third report is received: Glendower will require fourteen days to raise a force of Welshmen.

He orders Hotspur to yield the prisoners under threat of punishment. There is also fighting in the north between the Earl of Douglas and Harry Hotspur, the warlike son of one of Henry's former allies.

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Henry IV Part 1 Summary