Achievements of economic planning in india

Achievements of economic planning in india

Another reason for growing inequality is the failure to control the prices of food and essential consumer goods, called mass consumption goods. The long range, however, is but a summation of shorter ranges, and it is essential to ensure, as far as possible, that each five year programme fits into the long range perspective as it emerges from time to time.

Development of Science and Technology: In the era of planning, India has made much progress in the field of science and technology. Some of the major achievements of planning in India are as follows: 1.

Some Success at Self-reliance: Self-reliance implies that nation must have economic security, food security, energy security, environmental security and political and social security.

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Capital intensive industries in urban areas were given precedence over small scale industries in the rural areas. The goals towards sustainable development focused on environmental sustain ability, improvements in health and education sector and development of physical infrastructure such as transport, telecommunication, power etc.

Inper capita income at prices was Rs.

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Inthe total length of roads increased to

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Achievements and failures of indian economic planning