A report on the book epistle to the romans the biblical character of pontius pilate and the egyptian

Acts and the Letters manage to describe a similar time span, and yet fill the time with very different activity or, in the case of Galatians, lack of activity.

And the Prefect cut off the head of Pilate, and behold an angel of the Lord received it. Many elements of the Biblical record are confirmed by these hostile accounts, in spite of the fact they deny the supernatural power of Jesus: Jesus was born and lived in Palestine.

And I have made known these things which I have recently been informed of, and which Jesus did on the Sabbath.

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Nothing is said about where he had been previously. Now I mean, that those of the Jews suffered who spake against Jesus. Although this may be a decisive distinction, one event in the gospel accounts deserves to be mentioned in this context: the release of Barabbas.

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Pilate to Herod the Tetrarch: Peace. The NT narratives by themselves do not provide the reader with enough information to elucidate anything but the obvious story.

Timid and too weak to act by themselves, they had embraced the quarrels of the Herodians and the Sadducees. Both Daniel Schwartz and Alexander Demandt do not think this information especially likely.

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