A discussion about the topic of sex in the bible

These are the extremes. Luke —13; Acts —47; Philippians —11 Our culture has perfected the put-down. My Problem with Sex I was raised in a traditional church in a rural, conservative culture in the Deep South.

Most importantly, during these years parents should establish a rhythm of family devotions. Matt Capps. Used with permission. For Procreation Sex is a means of pleasure and intimacy, but also has the purpose of procreation.

Perhaps the clearest biblical teaching on sexuality is found in the Song of Solomon.

what does the bible say about premarital sex

What do men like? This is a perfect time for kids to get used to seeing mom or dad open the Scriptures to talk about the things that really matter. For Intimacy Humans are not entirely capable of comprehending the depth of intimacy brought about by sexual union.

Rather, it is the byproduct of loving each other daily and serving each one another faithfully. This book portrays a man and woman who are desperately in love with each other.

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What Does the Bible Say About Sex?